Storm (noun) - A disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind, rain, snow, hail, sleet or thunder and lightening.

~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This Storm is bringing just the right ingredients for the perfect storm... and no need for umbrellas... let his sound rain on you.

Experience The New Son of R&B.

Storm began his calling in music as a young teen at many local dance clubs where Storm and his friends could compete in dance competitions, etc. and eventually developed into singing groups which led Storm down a path of television and radio play as well as singing national anthems at many professional sports venues. 


Traveling across the country and recording at top level studios from Ohio to New York and even down to Atlanta., life called and group members eventually sought their own personal endeavors and paths in music. At a crossroads, Storm took a leap of faith and relocated to Los Angeles in 2004. While in LA, Storm landed a record deal with Whitsetthill/Universal where he wrote the theme song for the film "Spinning Into Butter" starring Sarah Jessica Parker released in 2007. While at the label, Smokey Robinson was a mentor and someone Storm looked to for encouragement and knowledge. Storm was a performer as well as a nominee for the 3rd annual Black Music Awards among other buzz worthy events. Storm's album was set for wide-spread release in 2006, however due to loss of funding within the distribution department, Storm's album never released.  

Determined not to give up, Storm went out on his own to keep his passion going. With hard work and grit, Storm set out to produce his album at his own expense. He had the opportunity to work with some of LA's best and in 2010, released the album "The Perfect Storm" accompanied by "The New Son of R&B" music video with an appearance by

J Records' Sly Boogy. Not long after, Storm received the not so good news about his mom's health back home. With contracts ending, it was time to get back to family.

Storm has returned to his hometown of Kansas City, MO

going back to his roots, determined to continue building his career. He says his biggest challenge is funding and/or label support. Going for yet another round of summoned sultry melodies and palpable crooning, Storm is set to release his brand new highly anticipated album "11:11", due to release on 11:11:14. 

​Storm looks forward to continue building his fan base in search of new Stormtroopers each and every day and in every country on the globe. After that..............Mars!

​                              The New Son of R&B


Jeremy Owen-                               ( buyer)

Hot, Hot, Hot album! Ridiculously hot!  

Gotta have it!!

"Man!.....If I had a record label I would put you out there right now and see what happens!"​

- Flavor Flav

  Stormtrooper Raves

Susan Demetri-                                ( buyer)

WOW! this guy is a dope lyricist and vocalist! This album is def worth getting. I just press play and get a little something different on every song. It def makes you move and nice sexy voice!

​Jasmine Sellers-                            ( buyer)

Finally an R&B singer wit sum soul & edge. Tired of hearing all these singers with the high winy voice singin the same cutesy love sings......and Storm Deisel is really hot......Hello!

Stacy Langford-                           ( buyer)

​Bought the song "New son of R&B, it's in my I-pod and one of my favorite workout songs....gets me fired up. Good music!

"I heard your sounding good man! "​

- Smokey Robinson

Promote Blackfinest-                             (Facebook fan)

OMFG!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaat's that?...DAMN HOT BEAT!!! DAMN HOT TRACK!!! can't wait to buy that new album!!!

"Storm Deisel you are a very talented and creative artist! It's apparent you have arrived!"  

​-Garis PR Firm